Corlytics is the world’s leading provider of regulatory risk intelligence to enable organizations to take a data-driven approach to regulatory resource allocation. Corlytics automatically collates, categorizes, interrogates and analyses regulatory notices from regulators across the globe. Using a combination of crystallized regulatory losses, regulatory change edicts, and regulatory intent indicators that are provided in these documents, Corlytics can risk rate the regulatory landscape using our regulatory risk models. By risk rating regulations, jurisdictions, regulatory topics, business lines, products and controls,

Corlytics puts audit, risk and compliance leaders back in control of how best to plan and invest their resource allocations. Data-driven decisions lead to better regulatory outcomes for regulated firms, for regulators and ultimately for consumers. Corlytics is used by Compliance, Legal and Audit teams within financial services institutions, for Horizon Scanning, Regulatory Libraries, Compliance Monitoring and Oversight, and for Risk assessments.

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