Using our innovative products, Mizen provides a range of services to help you manage and enhance your compliance program:

Compliance Program Assessments

Evaluate your program to identify any gaps or areas for improvement. The assessment can be tailored to specific needs or specific regulatory requirements of the institution, e.g., NY DFS 504, NY DFS 500, FINRA 3310.

Compliance Program Design

Assist in designing new compliance programs, redesigning an existing one or tailoring for a specific regulatory requirement such as DFS NY 504. Support institutions that are overwhelmed with the magnitude of obligations related to developing a program or overhauling an existing one.

Culture Assessment

To manage and influence culture, identify current attributes in order to measure it and define possible outcomes. We have combined industry experience with behavioral science best practices to assess an institution’s culture as it relates to specific regulatory considerations concerning conduct, compliance, and risk.

Data Analytics

Support AML and sanctions risk management by using sophisticated data analytics and trend analyses on transactions and account activities to gain additional insights concerning customers and account activities.

Data Governance and Data Validation

Analyze the business and system architecture and then identifying all necessary data sources. Validate if data flows appropriately and consistently into the target systems with a defined structure so the data are properly managed and maintained.

Model Validation

Specialized validation within a risk management framework for transaction monitoring and screening solutions, compliant with industry guidance, e.g., NY DFS 504, OCC 2011-12 and SR 11-7.

We also perform model validation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions applying innovative approaches and methodologies.

Outsourced CCO Services

Advanced services including outsourced CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) relationships. The intrinsic benefits of an outsourced CCO – including extensive experience, a full bench of support, and robust policies and procedures and all supported through our MCMP.

Implementation, Testing, and Optimization

Implement AML monitoring and sanctions filtering systems with appropriate rigor to cover the risks to the institution; assess existing and/or customize new rules (detection scenarios), conduct above/below the line testing of existing thresholds.

Transaction Reviews

Perform historical reviews of transactions whether under regulatory mandate or as proactive risk mitigation. Mizen employs a unique strategy to analyze transactions and identify the look-back period appropriately using our SDIP.