Mizen has scanned the marketplace and developed strategic alliances with other innovative and exciting firms that also offer unique and innovative solutions to compliance. Please contact us for further technical information on any of these solutions and how they might be useful in supporting your needs in the technological, IT, AML or research spheres.

Bankable Fintech

Bankable Fintech is the largest global aggregator of banks, credit unions, and alternative financial institutions. On behalf of financial institutions, we negotiate unmatched preferential pricing structures, discounts, custom features and service levels, making fintech adoption affordable for any size institution.

Member Financial Institutions license best-of-breed solutions through Bankable Fintech in return for a cost, terms, and assurance benefit that is not obtainable directly from the vendor or elsewhere. Members may also obtain custom market scans, peer insights and other exclusive benefits, at no additional cost.



Corlytics is the world’s leading provider of regulatory risk intelligence to enable organizations to take a data-driven approach to regulatory resource allocation. Corlytics automatically collates, categorizes, interrogates and analyses regulatory notices from regulators across the globe. Using a combination of crystallized regulatory losses, regulatory change edicts, and regulatory intent indicators that are provided in these documents, Corlytics can risk rate the regulatory landscape using our regulatory risk models. By risk rating regulations, jurisdictions, regulatory topics, business lines, products and controls,

Corlytics puts audit, risk and compliance leaders back in control of how best to plan and invest their resource allocations. Data-driven decisions lead to better regulatory outcomes for regulated firms, for regulators and ultimately for consumers. Corlytics is used by Compliance, Legal and Audit teams within financial services institutions, for Horizon Scanning, Regulatory Libraries, Compliance Monitoring and Oversight, and for Risk assessments.



Desilian is an intelligent business process automation (BPA) platform which can be implemented in a wide variety of applications ranging from FinTech, RegTech, InsureTech and others.

The standard system functionalities address many diverse and even unique requirements. However, the platform is fully API'd with architecture designed to allow for easy integration with other internal or external systems, as well as quick and easy customisation if required.

A unique part of the platform is a mobile module which extends the use of the application to field workers, data collectors, clients and employees on the road or in the field.

Desilian’s platform powers Mizen’s e-discovery functionality to assist in enhanced forensics to support investigations.



DF2020 particularly delivers a unique chatbot author that enables everyone to create, share and measure their own human-controlled chatbots.



FICO TONBELLER® offers a comprehensive modular set of solutions to fight money-laundering, fraud and terrorist financing, and to fulfill requirements for Governance, Risk and Compliance in the optimal way. As part of the Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Suite the AML and KYC modules are the most widely used solutions in the world, with over 1,000 installations in over 100 countries. Siron solutions follow the risk-based approach and support all phases of the compliance process. These span specific risk analysis and continual risk assessment to monitoring of transactions and behavioral patterns. Additionally, there is central case management with risk and compliance dashboards, and numerous best-practice scenarios gleaned from the large number of customer installations.

The software has solution modules, is highly integrated and configurable and provides for a fast roll-out based on the latest compliance requirements. This paves the way to genuine cost efficiency, transparent total cost of ownership and solutions that can grow along with the challenges of customers.



FIS is a world leader of products for the financial services sector, including merchant services, banking capital Markets and Corporates. FIS has partnered with The Mizen Group to bring additional advisory services to their clients.

The partnership with Mizen expands FIS’s palette of products and services to offer compliance advisory services that include but are not limited to BSA/AML and OFAC as well as corporate compliance program assessments, independent model validations, NYDFS Part 500 and 504 gap analyses, data analytics, data governance, data protection and data validations, gap analyses, model validations, and cybersecurity program assessments.



Kyckr (ASX:KYK) is a multi-award winning provider of corporate KYC data and automation services, accelerating corporate customer on-boarding and “lightening the load” of corporate KYC validation and verification of entities, directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners.

Connected to more than 200 registries globally with over 4000 clients in 150+ countries, Kyckr automates capture and maintenance of reliable primary source corporate customer and associated person information.

  • Kyckr provides real-time access to corporate data and statutory filings sourced from legally reliable sources. Mizen then delivers automated information extraction via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing that converts unstructured data to useable structured intelligence.
  • Kyckr’s real-time APIs and on-line services for automated monitoring of global entities and “associated parties” ensures that corporate customer data is always “current, correct and compliant.”
  • Kyckr is easily integrated with existing CRM and CDD processes via web services. Furthermore, Kyckr automation connects to multiple cloud, utility and blockchain platforms.


Sedicii provides a unique and innovative way to address difficult issues related to:

  • individual authentication and verification and
  • data sharing without violating regulatory obligations.

Sedicii has a unique capability to verify identity data in a pseudonymized and decentralized way with trusted holders of identity and other authoritative sources, without disclosing the information. 

Delivered via patented technology based on the Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) protocol, Sedicii provides a software platform that allows two parties to prove to one another that they both have the same piece of information, without the need to expose the information each has in its possession or under its control.



ViClarity is a global organization headquartered in Tralee, Ireland, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and Des Moines, Iowa. It is an award-winning provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions currently utilised by more than 300 organisations in the financial and healthcare sectors.

ViClarity partners with industry experts in all areas of financial services to ensure that clients benefit from the latest content and best services available. With this in mind, ViClarity partnered with The Mizen Group in 2018 to offer cutting edge software solutions to financial organisations around the world. The partnership provides a perfect blend of regulatory expertise in the Mizen Group’s consultancy services and award-winning technology in ViClarity’s Regtech and survey software.