Reducing the Risks and Costs of Regulatory Compliance

The Mizen Approach

Our approach can help clients reduce money, time and the resources required to meet compliance obligations, while at the same time reducing corporate and personal risks. Our holistic approach to assessing compliance programs, identifying any deficiencies and reducing the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements considers people, processes, data and technologies. This approach better prepares clients for any upcoming regulatory exams by:

• Presenting self-awareness and knowledge of the compliance program.
• Demonstrating a level of command and competency to regulators.
• Having a process in place to manage and mitigate the problems.
• Improving behaviors in the institution to assure a strong compliance culture.

Understanding vulnerabilities proactively enables the acceleration of any subsequent assessment or remediation since issues have already been identified and framed so that clients can prioritize efforts and concentrate on next steps.

Mizen’s targeted approach uses proprietary diagnostic tools that are quickly deployed onsite or remotely. These tools promptly highlight potential problems to determine where internal investments should be focused and to help clients manage those activities to achieve the desired outcomes. These proprietary diagnostics are designed to be as thorough and non-invasive as possible and delivered as cloud-based modules that can be rapidly deployed.